ia Blueprint Onboarding – Using Slack or Teams

I'll be discussing about how to use a Virtual Employee inside of your business. One of the things that a lot of people have a hard time with is just understanding, how do we communicate? How do we talk back and forth through the other side of the world, right? That doesn't really matter that they're in the other side of the world, it's the same as working with an employee, but they are just remote. Break over that mental block in your mind and just understand there's ways to communicate with them.

One of those is through a path called Slack. It's an application that you can that you can download for free, set up an account for free, you can buy a paid subscription to it if you want to, but there's really not necessarily any need in doing that. There's different paths, or different programs like that, that you can use.

There's also called Teams, there's also some other things, some of the different voice over IP services have something built into it, as well. That's basically an inter office communication platform. It's like text messaging but it's something you can use just for your office, you can have it on your iPhone, your Android phone, your tablet, your PC, your laptop, you can have it on whatever platform you're using, and communicate back and forth through short-code text messaging, also sending like a file attachment, things like that.

We use it extensively inside of my own insurance agency and and also business wide in ia Blueprint. It's a really great way to communicate back and forth. Short, sweet and to the point. Also, you can also go back and search through it if you have forgotten what you've talked about. That's a great tool that you can use in your your business.