Renewal Review


The purpose of this process is to reinforce the value of the client’s policies, the value of our agency, and to increase client loyalty.

Process overview:

  1. Beginning 45 days prior to the renewal date, the assistant reviews the account against our Renewal Check List for Reed. (PLW is HERE)
  2. Assistant quotes changes and presents findings to Account Manager.
  3. Account Manager call list of renewing clients to review policies.
    • Make policy suggestions from the checklist.
    • Cross-sell if there is an opportunity.
  4. Send Thank You card with the account manager’s business card and 2 referral cards


  • Account Manager
    • Review client file
    • Call client for review
    • Process changes live on the call
  • Assistant
    • Cross-sell or remarket quotes
    • E-sign if needed
  • Others
    • Send a thank you card with the account manager’s business card and referral card


  • Strength relationship with client and Account Manager
  • Reinforce the value of the product to the client: what benefits do they achieve
  • Cross-sell if monoline
  • Fix coverage issues
  • Thank them for being a client
  • Tell them you are sending your card and referral cards, “we have a referral program”
  • Solve everything in one call.

Process details:

  • Account internal review
    • Ezlynx will prompt the assistant to complete the coverage review form
    • The account manager reviews the account
    • The account manager advises the assistant on changes that need to be quoted
    • Assistant notifies account manager of quotes with premium changes listed per coverage item, per year and monthly
    • Account managers contact the client
      • If you cannot contact them over the phone, still email or create a quote vid to send to them
  • Call list of renewing clients to review policies
    • Make policy suggestions from the checklist
    • Cross-sell if there is an opportunity
    • Don’t try to solve everything in one call
  • Send Thank You card
    • With business cards & referral cards
    • Send card regardless of if they respond to the phone calls/emails