Reminders to All New Hires

Congratulations on being the newest additional member of the team, and welcome aboard!

It is your first day here in ia Blueprint. Now, what’s next?

As a virtual assistant, there are a couple of reminders you need to know.

1. ia Blueprint manages your employment and the contract with the assigned agent you’re going to work with. We also handle and monitor your attendance, payroll,

health coverage, etc. While your client, which is “the assigned agent”, is the person or the company that you are assigned to work for. Your assigned agent will be

the one providing you your daily responsibilities and the tasks that you’ll need to do daily.

2. You will have your main point of contact in ia Blueprint and another main point of contact in the agency you’ll be assigned to. Your main points of contact are

your go-to persons for different purposes. This information will be provided and explained to you by one of the managers of ia Blueprint.

3. Make sure to send end-of-day reports daily. The sending of the end-of-day report and its format will also be provided and explained to you by one of the

managers of ia Blueprint.

4. Be punctual. Adhere to the schedule of your shift and your lunchtime. Kindly avoid changing your lunchtime especially if it’s unauthorized.

5. No alteration or change of work schedule. Your work schedule is fixed and should there be any changes, they will need to approve both by the management of

ia Blueprint and your assigned agent.

6. Constant communication is very important. Constantly check the communication platforms that you will have access to: like Slack, Teams, and Outlook. Be

alert and responsive as possible. Also, make sure to always acknowledge messages you received.

7. Read announcements on Slack group. ia Blueprint management team sends out announcements via email and Slack. Make sure to check the chat group

dedicated for VAs for announcements and reminders.

8. The number of your paid time off is not always the same as other VAs or your teammates. You will know the number of your paid time off on or before your 2nd

month of employment, this information will be provided to you or you can ask for this information from the ia Blueprint management team.

9. There is a process for requesting a vacation leave and taking a sick leave or emergency leave. These processes are all posted on the Employee Directory

website. Also, do note that you are only allowed to file a paid leave once you reached the 2nd month of your employment.

10. Here in ia Blueprint, you will follow the US holidays that your assigned agency observes. We do not follow most of the Philippine holidays.

11. If you advised that you are off on a certain US holiday, that day is automatically paid. No further actions needed to be done on your end for this. The ia

Blueprint management team or your assigned agent will inform you if you are off on a certain holiday. If you like to get a list of holidays, you can ask the ia

Blueprint management.

12. You are only allowed to access your tools and applications and work on your tasks inside Citrix. Your softphone (VoIP), Slack, Teams & Zoom meetings are the

only tools/applications you can use outside your Citrix host desktop.

13. You might be taking some training and learning the processes of your assigned agency for the first 2 weeks. This phase could last up to a month. Once you have

been assigned to some of the tasks, still try to finish the training they asked you to take. You can finish the training and/or review your training materials after

you’ve completed your tasks for the day.

14. Always clarify and always ask questions. Avoid assumptions and be honest when you’re not familiar with the task. Ask for help. Remember that you will always

be guided whenever you need help.

15. Whenever asking, always be specific as possible and give the full context. Always assume that the person you are asking does not know the full details of what

you are doing. This will save you and your teammates a lot of time and avoid long threads of email exchanging conversations.

16. Make sure to report anything that might affect you from working on your tasks or anything that happens within your shift where you are unable to work. If

you are unable to work for any reason, you will need to communicate it to ia Blueprint management and to your assigned agent.

17. We also encourage all virtual assistants to have a backup in case anything happens with their internet connection. And if you are experiencing internet issues or

slow internet speed too often, we might require you to have a backup internet.

18. Part of the contract you signed is the General Policies section. These General Policies are also posted on the ia Blueprint Employee Directory Website. Please

note that the General Policies must be followed as long as your employment in ia Blueprint is active. Failure to follow the items in the General Policies section

could lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

19. Lastly, make sure to visit the Employee Directory Website for references and review all everything under the Guides For All Employees section. The link to this

website will be provided to you. You can go back to the Employee Directory Website anytime and most updates and FAQs will be posted on this website so make

sure to bookmark it.