This document includes the list of responsibilities for the support team at Reed Insurance. This document will change as those responsibilities also change.

Matching policy downloads:

Policy data downloads electronically to our agency management system, Ezlynx, automatically from many of our companies. Sometimes the policies do not automatically file to the client. This covers how to fix when they are unmatched.

This should be done every other day.

Correcting Policy Downloads: When downloaded as New Business but should be a Rewrite

Sometimes a policy will download as New Business when it is really a re-written policy with our agency. In those cases, we need to correct this. I give several examples in this video.

This should be done every other day.

Check downloaded policies in the cancellation report:

When policies show up in the cancellation report, you will need to review why they canceled and if we need to take action. Please watch for a few examples of canceled policies and how to research if you need to take action.

Here are some things to look for:
  1. Homeowners with MTG payor: If the policy is canceled and the mortgagee is billed. Please call the mortgage company to see if they have sent payment; if not, request that they overnight payment and advise them that the policy is canceled because they did not pay.
  2. Personal Auto Policies: If a personal auto policy is canceled, please research why and advise Pattie or Melissa, depending on the account association.
  3. Any policy where the assigned agent is House Personal. No action is needed.
  4. Monitor the companies that are downloading. If you notice a carrier is not downloading, please let Beaux know.

Procesing Endorsements:

Process all lien and mortgage changes

Process any other changes as directed by account managers

Always document the change in the file under Activity in Ezlynx

Fair Plan

Processing documents from activity email

Renewing policies

Filing endorsement

Filing cancellation and reinstatements

Pull cancellation reports for underwriting reasons and pass this to Melissa

Unresolved Text Messages in Ezlynx

Review and resolve. Make sure to apologize if the text is old.

New Business

Process new applications

Once a new policy is issued or a policy has been rewritten, the application is to be attached to the client file In Ezlynx.

The account manager is then to complete the .PL CSR APP Instructions check list in Ezlynx

Example: QuoteForm-5-1-2021

Acquire e-signatures from client

As needed:


UM forms

PIP forms

Med Pay forms

EFT forms

Excluded driver forms

Send a text to the client to expect the emailed e-sign document. Sent from Better Agency, use template text.  The One Off Templates are:

That esign was sent is named “Esign Sent”

If we are canceling prior insurance, also send One Off Template text “Prior insurance cancellation” from Better Agency

Send docs to the client:

ID Cards – if auto


Dec pages

Send docs to the company as needed:

Progressive: Fax page in-app will state what needs to be sent to Progressive.

Safeco: Email all UM, PIP, and Med Pay selection/rejection forms to

MetLife: send all EFT forms to

Kemper: Applications will state what needs to be sent to them. Send to

Follow up with clients for supporting documents

Proof of prior

Proof of alarm

Auto registrations

Prior insurance cancellation

Advise client it will take about 10 days for the cancellation to process.

Text sent in Better Agency – use template

Follow up and request to the client to see if they saw it at 10 days. If not, send to a prior carrier and cc the client