ia Blueprint Onboarding - Processes vs. Micro - Management

This is about setting your employees up for success. In your business, I know you've got a lot of things just coming at you from every direction and you're trying to delegate those things out all through the day to this person and to that person. At the end of the day, you just feel like you're a hamster on a hamster wheel and just chasing your tail, and just trying to get things done. You're working hyper-focus and hyper-fast, you're exhausted, and you're not being fair to your team.

I'm just going to tell you straight, you're not being fair to your team and you're not running your business in the most effective way. A lot of people will say, "I don't want to just hand out these processes, they just feel like micromanagement, I don't want to lay out all these different things, and tell them exactly how I want to do these things. So I just, I feel like I need to be involved and help them to show them how I want it done". What you're doing is you're setting up your team for failure.

If you don't teach your team mates, how to be responsible for things, and you don't set up some sort of process of they're automatically responsible for things, you're not giving them parameters. So they can know this, "if I do this, this way, they're going to be happy with my outcome, they're going to be happy with my performance". We need to get outside of the mindset of thinking that laying out and giving them step by step instructions on how to do something is micromanagement because it's not. That's called training.

That is teaching someone how to do something, educating them and helping them to be successful. Giving them a process is called training and it's good for them, it's good for you, and it's good for your business. If you continue to just give them some sort of a task and just assume that they're going to figure it out because you think it's micromanagement, you're not being fair to them, you're not being fair to you, you're not being fair to your teammate and you're not being fair to your business. You need to help them understand that these are the parameters of what you want done. That way, everybody's gonna be happy. I'm gonna be a part of the team because they want to be a part of the team. They want you as the employer to be happy. If you don't do that, you're gonna cause unnecessary stress to them, and to yourself and to your other teammates.

So take the time, create processes for your employees and give it to them. Take the time to teach them. Trust me, the time that you spend and teaching them adequately, how to do things for your business is only going to reap multiple benefits to you and your business. So take my advice, start using a process.

I do some other videos on loom, zoom and other things that teach you how to create processes and tutorials on the fly basically, and just meetings is not overly complicated. Start thinking about the different things that you need to do. You just set aside some time, set up a Zoom meeting or illuminating a zoom call and you just basically map it out. Give that recording to them and allow them to use that as a tutorial.