ia Blueprint Onboarding - Password Management

This is how to manage your staff, both your remote as well as your inner office staff. One of those things is passwords. We have got so many passwords, right? we have got passwords for insurance companies, for the tools that we use for personal things, and bank accounts and all other stuff. We just got just passwords coming out of my ears and there are different ways that you can manage that. But it's a nightmare, right? and also, you're always in the office saying those different passwords that maybe you share among staff, your people are hollering out and saying, they just changed the password for this or that.

There are all these different crazy things that we do to manage all these passwords. Then also, what are the different systems that we use to manage that as well? You open up that drawer over there onto your top right and there's that little piece of paper that's got all of them written on it, right? what good does that do if you're out of the office, and you need to look up something, if all of a sudden you lose that piece of paper or you forgot to update your password on there because you were in a hurry and now you've got to reset your password again. What about keeping it on your computer in some sort of like a notepad or something like that? that's real secure, right? but if someone breaks into your computer, you get spammed or you get hacked, now they've got access to every password you got, and you've probably keeping some personal ones on there, too but what's the alternative? good thing, there are different tools out there that can help you with this.

Two of them that I know that are most prevalent are LastPass, and RoboForm. Both of them are great platforms to look into and depending on the size of your business, you have a couple of different avenues you can get. Most of them have some sort of like an individual or a family plan, some of them have a business plan. Now for my business, I use actually the business plan, because we have quite a few users that need to access it and it gives us more ability with inside of that platform. So both of them give you the option to create multiple users inside of that, that each one of them can have their own individual usernames and passwords.

What it will do is it will save all your passwords in there. The username, the password, as well as also the URL or the website. So basically, you can use this as a platform to save all of those in there and use it as a bookmark tool, but a bookmark tool that's got all your usernames and passwords.

Now on the family plans or the individual plans, basically, you share it, and then they have access to that and they can use it but they can't update it. So if they change the password, it won't update for you, only you can do that in that scenario. Now, over on the business plan, it opens up a whole new level of what you can do inside of that, you get two ways that you can share passwords. One of them is with that same method I explained in the family plan or individual plan where you just basically share, you share it and then you are responsible for keeping it updated. They can't update it, they can only use it. Well, the other is you can set up a group, basically, it's a group that's shared among your organization. And you pick and choose all the different employees that you want to have access to that folder of usernames and passwords. In that scenario, anyone who has access to that folder, can update those usernames and passwords so that everybody has access to that. Think about how liberating that is.

You no longer have to hear someone shout out, "Hey, I changed the password from this and to this". Do yourself a favor and use a platform such as RoboForm or LastPass. I prefer RoboForm, that's just my preference, because that's just what I've always used. But lots of people have a lot of success with LastPass. I suggest just take a look at both of them. See which one you think that works better for you and start using it. Trust me, it will save you. It uses a master password for you individually so that whenever you log in, it just uses that. Another great tool and I'll close it with this is it will allow you to sync your usernames and passwords across multiple devices. I have my password shared on my MacBook that I use at home, my desktop here at the office, my iPhone, and then also my iPad. It is shared among all those different devices and I have a group of passwords that are shared with my staff at my agency. I have another folder that's shared with just key employees at ia blueprint. I have another folder that is shared between me and my wife that's just personal. There's all these different options that you can have with a platform like that. Do yourself a favor and use one of these platforms. Trust me, you will thank yourself for it.