Stages – relationship

  1. Prospect for wedding insurance
    1. Intent – for them to buy wedding insurance
    2. FB and Inst marketing – Xie, any ideas we can use?
  2. Client for wedding insurance (purchased a policy from us via website)
  3. Pre-wedding day  – intent help them prepare for the wedding day.
    1. Knot article about “wedding plan-xiety” (anxiety about planning) – We could make a blog post about how to make your wedding day less stressful, include getting wedding insurance on that list.
  4. Post-wedding day (prospect for personal insurance)
    1. Soft marketing – how to combine your insurance (tips as newlyweds)
      1. Gift idea: personalized ornament –
    2. Importance of limits, coverages, etc (use existing educational blog posts) –
    3. Intent – make them and the agency client for other real insurance
  5. Agency client
    1. Marketing – the intent is to keep them and for them to refer others

Madi and Hannah Brainstorm ideas for marketing to wedding insurance clients/prospects

  • Send wedding card w/ gift card to client after purchasing wedding insurance
  • Create blog posts for resources for newlyweds
  • Utilize Pinterest to post blog posts
  • Put QR code to resources on cards sent- How to combine to insurance as newlyweds, How to combine your finances as newlyweds
  • Send 1st and 2nd year anniversary cards to wedding insurance clients who never became full time clients

If we need free stock photos, is a good source. ( I have a subscription to iStock Photo, Beaux)

Links to blog posts/video inspo:

Gift Ideas to make us memorable

Southern Designs- cutting board (personalized)


Wedding toppers

Carrier options

  • The Hartford: Does not carry wedding insurance
  • Travelers: Does not carry wedding insurance
  • Liberty Mutual: Does not carry wedding insurance
  • Burns & Wilcox: Mentions check with the old K & K people for “event cancellation” coverage (they have another name now Stacey said). Stacey also stated that the client would need property coverage to cover the theft.
  • RT Specialty: Special Events policies do not extend to lost / stolen property. But they can offer Liability
  • RPS: They don’t really have a program for lost or stolen items. They could do a special event that would cover GL. Cancellation insurance would be a separate policy.

Wedding insurance explained