ia Blueprint Onboarding - Monitoring Cancellation And Non-Renewals

Each and every one of us inside of our business as an insurance agency owner as well have got key employees that are responsible for very certain things. And a lot of times we have them also doing other things outside of their core competency that is going to sidetrack them or they just don't enjoy doing or they're not going to do very effectively. Your account managers, and producers, are the people who are responsible for what for generating new revenue and also keeping revenue inside of the business. They're salespeople, they're not the people designed to take care of administrative tasks. That's what you give to an administrative assistant or a virtual employee.

One of those things is monitoring your cancellations and non renewals. This is critical to your business, you've got to make sure you stay on top of this and those people that are account managers and producers, they're not good at just checking lists and making sure that they check reports and things like that. They're good at selling and talking to people about the importance of coverages to them. Let a virtual employee take care of the rest by monitoring downloads, monitoring different lists that you can get from different carriers to see who's got a cancellation notice, why they've got a cancellation notice, is it underwriting, is it non pay, the mortgage company didn't take care of this. Allow them to monitor that, address it and then pull in the account manager or the producer when it's necessary.

Otherwise, allow them to take care of fixing those problems for you, you'll find that your account managers and your producers will be much happier because they're not doing that. Also, your virtual assistant or your virtual employee will be very good at this, you'll find that your retention will go higher, will increase and you'll have less heartburn for those producers and account managers as well as yourself because those things will get taken care of will get done.