ia Blueprint Onboarding - Managing Downloads

Each and every one of us have key employees inside of our agencies that are really critical for certain things. Two of those that I can think of is going to be your producers and also your account managers.

Now, what is the job of those two people? the job of those two people is to create new revenue for your business, and then also keep revenue inside of your business, right? You don't want those people being slowed down are sidetracked from those responsibilities, because they got to do other things that are outside of their skill set, one of those things is managing download, don't let them do that. Give that to a virtual employee who is very good at tasks, they're going to be very good at monitoring that and then also taking the corrective action that's necessary.

You're thinking about that data. Every day that comes in, some of its going to be a manual process, you've got to go and do certain things. Well, it's highly repetitive, but it's also really important. These are all things that are very important that you want to allow the Virtual Employee to do for you, they'll watch it and make sure that whenever a policy downloads, it gets synced to the right client, also to the right policy, to also watch that if you get some sort of cancellation.

Think about it, what if you get a mortgage cancellation? And it's a homeowner policy, that's mortgage build? Why did you get a cancellation for non pay? The mortgage company didn't pay it or, or the mortgage company changed from one after another, and they don't have the right information, let the Virtual Employee discover and monitor that and then take corrective action. They can call the mortgage company and fix it and you don't have to get involved in that process. They can just then report to your account manager or to your producer and let them know what has happened and It's been resolved.

What about automatic draft policies or policies that are set up on either EFT for credit card or for checking account? Those shouldn't cancel, right for non payment? Maybe they can't they change their bank account, maybe the credit card has expired, and they didn't tell you. These are some different things that can happen.

Let your Virtual Employee monitor this and then address it. Allow them to reach out to your client to fix it to discover what happened. If they cancelled it because they wanted to move it over somewhere else, then they can let the account manager or the producer know so they can then try to address it and save the account. Allow them to do this because they're going to watch it closer. Your account managers and producers, they're going to hate watching reports. Your Virtual Employee does not mind, they're good at this and they like saving the day by letting your account managers or your producers know what's going on. Let your account manager or your producer then fix and address the issue. That's that's one of the things that you can do with your Virtual Employee.