ia Blueprint Onboarding - Loom

There are different tools that you can use to run a more effective business and also communicate with your remote employees and virtual employees. One of them is called loom very similar to zoom but it's got "L" in the beginning, so that's L-O-O-M.

Loom is a platform that you can use to record your desktop, record your screen, as you're going through a process. it will record your screen as well as also record your your voice, and it will track your mouse where it's going on the screen, so that you can show how to do a workflow. I talked about in another video about zoom and that Zoom is something I think you need to use for a larger workflow or larger tasks, maybe something that's brand new. This is something that maybe it's just a nuance of a certain task, maybe you're teaching the renewal process in a Zoom video, but now there's just a very specific nuance that changes for a certain carrier.

Maybe they just have a question where they don't understand how to do a certain part of their task, you can record a short little video, like five minutes or less, saying this is how you do this. You record it, send it to them, and then they can use that as a tutorial to know how to handle that specific part of the process.

Hope that this helps you to understand how you can use loom. There's a free version as well as also a paid version. The paid version allows you to record a longer sections of videos as well as also allows you to brand it different things like that. So look into those different platforms. I do choose the paid version of loom, because in that I have built a tutorial library of my loom videos as well as also my Zoom videos that I save in there for future reference.