The solution to your staffing problem!

We help insurance agents find highly qualified and highly-skilled long-term remote employees. With our highly secure cloud server environment, we tackle the back office task of your office so you and your team can spend more time on the things that create and keep revenue!

Need an employee to take over or help with:

  • Remarketing your clients

  • Calling mortgage companies

  • Processing e-sign process

  • Monitoring cancellations


  • We will find you a full-time employee that works during your hours.

  • They work exclusively for you.

  • They have insurance experience already.

  • We include a secure cloud desktop that they work from, you don’t have to worry about viruses, etc.

  • It takes us about 6-7 weeks for us to find the employee and vet them. This is from when you tell me to start looking to when they start working for you.

  • We take care of finding the employee, interviewing them, and vetting them. This means when we present them, you know they are a very good candidate.

  • Our application process and interview process are very picky. We weed out the bad ones.

  • You don’t have to pay: payroll taxes, workers comp, or health insurance

  • We bill you; then we take care of payroll, transfer fees, international conversion fee, etc

  • Month-to-month commitment, we require a 30-day notice for termination.

  • $1,995 per month (billed on the first of the month – the first month will be prorated) This includes a $150 Integra discount.

To learn more, you can schedule an appointment with Beaux Pilgrim.

My calendar link is here: or email Beaux @

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