Zapier Automation: Ezlynx to Agency Zoom new lead from Database

Moving the client from Ezlynx to Agency Zoom in the renewal pipeline:

This automation will create a new lead in Agency Zoom only if the person is already listed in our Personal Lines Database from Ezlynx.

Note: ia Blueprint is using Gravity Forms in order to keep track of insurance and admin management.

Steps on how to create the automation

Go to and create a new zap.

Step 1: Set up Trigger

Choose Gravity Forms as your trigger.

Choose Account.

Set up the trigger by selecting the “Personal Lines Renewal Checklist” from gravity forms.

Note: make sure to select the correct form for this automation to work.

Test Trigger and Continue.

Step 2: Set up Action

Select Microsoft Excel and select “Find Row” as your Event.

Choose Account.

In the Set up action tab you will be required to select the Excel file directory you have created for the database.

Fill up the "Folder, Spreadsheet, & Worksheet" boxes according to your Excel file directory.

Select “Client Number From Ezlynx” under Lookup Column; this will serve as the identifier you want to look up in the database.

Continue and Test Action.

Step 3: Set up Paths

Add another action and Select Paths by Zapier.

Note: Paths is a tool that lets you create conditional logic to perform an action.

In the example above, our team consists of two main agents named Pattie and Melissa. The automation should create a lead in Agency Zoom and assign it to the respective agents.

In this Action, edit and set the path rule according to the agent name.

Add Agency Zoom action, then select Create Service Request for the Event.

For the Set up action, fill up the required fields.

Repeat this Step 3 for the next agent.