ia Blueprint Onboarding - Creating Tutorials With Loom

If you have a Virtual Employee of somewhere that's either international or also just inside of the states, this is a great communication tool that you can use to communicate with them and really, it's also a great communication tool that you can use for your staff that's inside of your own office.

Loom is a video platform where you can record your desktop to record a process or something that you do inside of your agency that you can then share with employee. It'll record your screen while you talk over it, describing what you're doing, why you're doing it, they can follow your mouse and see what you're doing. You know, this is useful to basically create a one off tutorial so that you can help your staff know how you want them to do stuff, or maybe how to use a tool.

This is different than like the Zoom call. You're going to use that so that you can have interaction right. I suggest using Zoom whenever it's a bigger process that you're wanting to make sure that that employee understands how to do it.

Loom is usually for shorter things that you do, like maybe you just want to show how to get somewhere, show them how to find some information, show them how to use something, different things that really doesn't need interaction. You just need to show them how you do it and the great thing about loom is you can create a platform where you have folders and you create a structure of folders where you can have different folders on different processes.

Maybe you've got a folder on all the renewal processes that you have, you can create a folder on all the new business processes that you have, you can create another one on other things such as like maybe cancellation procedures, or how to manage the download.

You can use loom for all these different things and basically build yourself a library of different video tutorials for your staff. So they know exactly this is how this is how my employer wants business done. This is exactly how they want it done and this helps to liberate them so that they know if they do this, you will be happy with them. I don't have to guess about this. Look into loom, it's a free application, if you want to be able to create the directories and also save a lot of folders, files and videos long term, you're going to need to get the paid version but if all you want to do just do one off videos and save it to another platform, it's a great tool to do that and you can do that for free.